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NEMA R54A(3) Audit Reports

This page contains the download links for various Independant Environmental Audit Reports prepared by Holland & Associates Environmental Consultants, in compliance with Regulation 54A(3) of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) (No. 107 of 1998) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations (2014), as amended. As required by law, any Regulation 54A(3) Audit Report must be made available for review by potential and Registered Interested and Affected Parties, within 7 days of submission to the Competent Authority. Should you have any difficulty locating the specific R54A(3) Audit Report that you are interested in, kindly send an email to and we will gladly assist you.

Please note however that while these documents are available to the general public and authorities, for record keeping purposes we require you to register/ or log in, in order to view or download any of these documents.  Registration is free and will take only a moment to complete.  If you have not yet registered, kindly use the “Register” button on the left hand side bar to do so.  Should you encounter any problems or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Paarde Valley_PV2 Independent_Reg54A(3) Audit

Badenhorst Solar PV2_Independent_Reg54A(3)_Audit

Badenhorst Dam Solar PV3_Reg 54A3 Audit

0077 Sunrise Energy_Marine Based_Audit_Compiled

0077 Sunrise Energy_Land based_Audit_Final_Compiled

POMA_R 54A (3) Audit Checklist_Final

Groenekloof WEF_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Struisbult PV2_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Bosjesmansberg Transmission Line Kronos_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Bosjesmansberg PV_Center_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Bosjesmansberg PV_East_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Bosjesmansberg PV_South_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Bosjesmansberg PV_West_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Bosjesmansberg Transmission Line Cuprum_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Great Karoo WEF_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Castle Wind Energy Facility_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Castle_Transmission Line_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Dolphin Bay Chemicals Sabie CCA_Independent R54A (3) Audit

Banna ba Pifhu WEF Audit Report_201912

Hopefield Small WEF_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Kronos PV1_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Kronos PV2_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Kronos PV3_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Kronos TL Option 2 (Kronos)_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Kronos TL Option 3 (Cuprum)_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Namies WEF_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Outeniqua_Audit Checklist_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit


Augrabies Solar PV1_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Boven Solar PV1_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Gemsbok Solar PV1_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Gemsbok Solar PV2_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Hoekplaas Solar PV2_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Hoekplaas Solar PV3_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Klipgats Solar PV3_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Klipgats Solar PV7_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Mulilo De Aar PV_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Hoekplaas Solar PV4_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit

Clover Valley WEF_Independent_R54A(3)_Audit